Grizzly Lake in the Trinity Alps

DSC02862.jpgI did not go on many backpacking trips in the Summer of 2017. I had just gotten back from a three week trip hitchhiking to Alaska and I had my two week Sierra High Route trip planned at the end of the Summer. I was also quite busy with my job running Ridge Runners Nature Day Camp in Pleasanton.

Luckily I made it out to the Trinity Alps one weekend though, which is quite a long drive from the Bay Area. We chose to do Grizzly Lake, and it took about 6 hours to get to the trailhead. (mostly because we drove a Prius and the going was slow on the dirt road, there were a few sketchy sections but the Prius came away unscathed) When we got to the trailhead there were a few trucks and a Subaru but no other sedans.

Grizzly Falls from afar


Ira on the Uke
most of the trip is on trail but the half mile is a class 1-2 scramble up large boulders
Grizzly Lake draining over into Grizzly Falls
sunset over the valley
Sunset from our campsite on the other side of Grizzly Falls
milky way over grizzly falls
headed back the next day


Overall it was a short but beautiful trip filled with meadows and wildflowers that rival the high meadows of the Sierra without all of the people.

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