Backpacking to Yosemite’s Glacier Point

Matt Adam and I wanted to get out of town for president’s day weekend but we could not swing leaving the whole weekend due to upcoming exams. Originally the plan was to ski/snowshoe into Glacier point but there was no snow so that was a no-go. Instead we decided to hike in from the valley.

This was a very chill and straight forward trip, we were reminded of how beautiful Yosemite is and why people flock from around the world to see it. We are very lucky to live so close.

the mist trail
sunset from glacier point
the ranger actually encouraged us to have a fire



Milky Way over our tents that night

I set my alarm for 4am to attempt to photograph the milky way. Unfortunately when I woke up, the Eastern sky was filled with clouds. Luckily by 5am all of the clouds had cleared. Originally I wanted to take this shot from Glacier Point, but as I walked over there I came across a mountain lion staring right at me from 20 feet away, we stared at each other as I slowly walked backwards made myself appear big and maintained eye contact. Eventually I walked back to my tent and took this picture there. Definitely one of the more scary experiences I’ve had to date, buuuut im really glad I finally got to see a mountain lion.

Not a bad view to wake up to
We met some daredvils practicing the aerial silks 4000 feet above the valley floor, they were of course roped in but still really scary



In order to get some more miles in and see some new scenery we took the long way back and hiked to Tunnel View, from there it was a short hitch back to the car

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