Big Seki Loop

The Big Seki Loop is a 155 mile loop through Sequoia(SE) and Kings Canyon(KI) National Parks. This loop is prettier mile for mile then the John Muir Trail in my opinion. I have hiked it in three sections.

Doing put together an excellent guide on their website:

Part 1. Wallace Creek to Bearpaw Meadow, see my writeup on the High Sierra Trail.

Part 2. Wallace Creek to Palisade/Middle Fork Confluence, see my writeup on the Pacific Crest Trail

Part 3. Palisade Creek/Middle Fork Confluence to Bearpaw Meadow

My parents planned to due the High Sierra Trail, but were understandably hesitant about the large car shuttle required. To save them some time, and to get a great trip in ourselves, Ari and I agreed to drive their car around for them.

Our trip began by taking the Eastern Sierra Transit up to the South Lake Trailhead. It is very nice to be able to walk out our front door and take a bus to such a beautiful trailhead. We hiked up to Bishop Pass to spend the night. The next day we followed the Middle Fork of The Kings River for most of the day. After leaving the John Muir Highway, we saw no one other then a trail crew for the rest of the day.

On our second full day, we walked into and out of King’s Canyon. Although I had visited King’s Canyon by automobile many times before, it was quite cool to see it by foot. We lounged around in the South Fork of the Kings River to avoid the heat, before climbing up out Avalanche Pass.

On our final day of the trip we hiked over 30 miles back to the car. Deadman Canyon and Elizabeth Pass were both stunning. The last ten miles on the High Sierra Trail flew by, and then we arrived at my parent’s car underneath the giant sequoias.

Atop Bishop Pass
Heading into Lecont
Granite Pass
South Fork of the Kings
Ari looking back into Kings Canyon
Afternoon storm
Deadman Canyon
Atop Elizabeth Pass
Hiking down to the High Sierra Trail
Back on the High Sierra Trail