El Tren Chepe

In February of 2022 after visiting some friends in Los Angeles and New Mexico, I took a bus to from Albuquerque to El Paso. I stayed one night at a hostel in El Paso and then took a bus to Chihuahua the next morning.

The Chihuahua El Pacifico train “El Chepe” starts in Chihuahua some days of the week, but I opted to take a bus to Creel instead. I stayed in Creel for two nights. I took the bus from Creel to Divisadero one day and walked around the Copper Canyon adventure park. I would have liked to hike deeper into the canyons, but there is conflicting information online about safety. The area around Divisadero and the adventure park was quite scenic, and would no doubt be much more crowded if it was in the US.

The next day I rode the train to Los Mochis, and took the ferry across the sea of Cortez to hitchhike through Baja.

Film photos:

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