Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 170 mile or so trail that loops around Lake Tahoe. It offers beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding wilderness areas. I would highly recommend the trail for anyone looking for a short and logistically easy thru hike. The best way to get water info and trail info is on the Tahoe Rim Trail Association’s Website: https://tahoerimtrail.org/maps-trail-info/

The trail goes directly through Tahoe City which has a large grocery store. If one takes the bus from South Lake Tahoe to Kingsbury Grade, one could do a complete thru hike with no hitchhiking and entirely on public transit. If you do stop in Tahoe city, I’d highly recommend stopping by the commons beach. Overall, the trail is very consistently signed, it felt like I was on a guided hike!

Tahoe Rim Trail Map | Blackwoods Press

I completed the Tahoe Rim Trail over 3 visits to the Tahoe Basin. However, I would love to thru hike it one day!

  1. the PCT section while hiking the PCT
  2. Tahoe City to Mt. Rose Summit
  3. Various sections during a week staying at my friend John’s house
John hiking along one of the northern sections of the trail
A classic rim trail campsite
Ari, starting her hike. Any sign can be a terminus on this trail.
Heavenly, one of the many ski resorts the trail passes through
Coming down from Freel Peak, the highest point in the Tahoe Basin
The southern meeting point of the TRT and the PCT
The Commons Beach Tahoe City, a must see! only a few minute walk from trail!
I’d highly reccomend hiking in the fall, less crowds, cooler temps, yellow aspens
A classic blaze
My favorite section of the trail, above Marlette Lake
I finished the trail, after 2.5 years at Spooner Summit