TST South

Matt and I had just hiked to the western Sierra from the east side, and big storms were coming in day after day. We had originally planned an attempt on Mt. Kaweah on the way back, but that would have to wait for another day. As we bailed out of the high country due to snow and lightning, Matt and I discussed our options on how to get back. The alternatives included, hitchiking seven hours back to the eastside, the Theodore Solomons Trail, or hitchiking to Road’s End and hiking over Kearsarge. Matt had a rosier prediction of what hitchhiking back through the scorching hot and polluted central valley would be like.

Ultimately, at the last minute we chose to take the TST from Bearpaw Meadows to Cottonwood, and this was a good choice. On the first night we were treated camping in a giant sequoia forest, all by ourselves.

We crossed into Mineral King, and then out of it. On Coyote Pass, we heard the lightning in the higher peaks and ran for cover, but luckily none struck where we were. We spent a night camped in the Kern River with about two dozen rangers, and then we climbed out of it the next morning. The Southern Sierra is beautiful, peaceful country. Green meadows, big trees and not many people.

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