Southern Sierra High Route

The Southern Sierra High Route is about a 100 mile mostly off trail route that attempts to explore the southeast region of the Sierra that Sierra High Route does not venture into.

Southern Sierra High Route

As with other hikes in the Sierra, I broke this one up into sections to hike over many years.

Section I. High Route Section, see my Sierra High Route page

Section II. PCT Section, see my PCT page

Section III. Baxter Pass Loop Section, see my Baxter Pass Loop page.

Section IV. Kearsarge to Upper Boyscout Lake:

In Summer 2020, Matt, Noe, Adam, Ari and I set out to hike the rest of the route from Kearsarge to the south. We passed through some beautiful country, including University Pass, Junction Pass, Shephards Pass, and then eventually up to Tulainyo Lake.

Unfortunately we got off trail at Boyscout Lake due to the intense smoke from the Creek Fire.

Section V: Mt. Whitney from the south.

I had already hiked the mountaineers route, so the last section to hike of the Southern Sierra High Route was Mt. Whitney from the south, via the Miter Basin. I am glad I came back for this section, as it was scenically stunning. I hiked it with Matt in Summer 2022.