Southern Lost Coast: Usal Beach to Shelter Cove

There is not much information online about the 30 mile Southern section of the Lost Coast. It is much less crowded then the northern section but is also much more steep. It climbs sharply up a ridge and then drops just as precipitously back to the ocean. There are times when it feels like a jungle trek as the trail is very overgrown and goes straight up hills in lieu of switch backing in many places. However the persistent hiker is rewarded with stunning views and occasionally a private beach. All of this combined makes the southern section different, not better or worse then its northern cousin.

I got a group of eight students together from my school and we all set out to hike it as a key swapping trip in two days. We would each start on opposite ends, camp in the middle and exchange keys and then each hike to eachother’s car.

I mostly focused on video on this trip but I did get a few pictures worth sharing.

overlooking Usal Beach


One of many beaches along the trail


classic rugged lost coast


Enter a caption


Roosevelt Elk
Emily walking on the trail north of Needle point


One of the last glimpses of the Lost Coast

Video below:

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