Mineral King loop

I’d always wanted to go to Mineral King and it is one of the easier places in the Sierra to get permits to, so one weekend in September. Adam, Evan, Will and I set out to do a trip there. It is a beautiful part of the Sierra and if you can get over driving on Mineral King’s infamous 498 curve entrance road then it is a perfect place for a last minute trip. We did an about 30 mile loop visiting Little 5 Lakes basin, Big 5 Lakes basin and Columbine Lake, I also climbed Sawtooth Peak.

lunch break
Indian Paintbrush:one of the last few remaining wildflowers
Entering Little 5 Lakes Basin
Nearing Columbine Lake
Columbine Lake
Sawtooth Peak looming overColumbine Lake

After Columbine Lake I split with my friends and climbed Sawtooth Peak alone. While it looks difficult from afar, it got much easier up close, as sierra peaks tend to do. The views from the top were fantastic, but clouds were moving in so the view was partially obstructed.

Columbine Lake from Sawtooth Peak


I then ran down the trail to catch up with my friends before they got to the car. Infinity switchbacks later and then infinity curves later and we were back in the Central Valley heading back to school.


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